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E203 My First eBook

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

My mentor, big brother Myron is a best-selling author, businessman, entrepreneur, and speaker.  He helps entrepreneurs and business owners remove obstacles to become more successful.  I always wondered why people wrote books.  However, after reading big brother Myron’s book, I figured out why he wrote the book and decided to write one myself. (continue)

Take Aways

Writing your ebook is simply cataloging your life experiences, training, and education in a way which provides benefit to the reader.


For the next 7 days, record your thoughts on your smart device.  Your thoughts do not have to be in a particular order. The end result will be a Book Title with Chapters.  The title should be thought provoking or speak directly to a specific problem.  Remember, people purchase books because they sound interesting or speak directly to their problem. Lastly, keep your ebook short.  People live busy lives.


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