Epic Ending

Epic Ending

Today we are here to say goodbye to Fred "Doug" Hicks Jr.

First we want to thank God for blessing us with His servant and his family for allowing him to be used by God to bless so many individuals, families, organizations, and businesses.

Although Doug is no longer with us, his exemplary faith as a man of God, leader, husband, and father will serve as an example to present and future generations.

Doug lived by 3 simple but timeless powerful principles.

The 3 Principles

  1. Believe God above all.
  2. Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  3. Love your neighbor as yourself.
Doug believed that by applying these 3 simple but powerful principles a person could change the world.

The number of people impacted by his life are too numerous to mention but he would often say, "I am only doing what my Father does." In case you are wondering, Doug is referring to his Heavenly Father.

Doug's life purpose and mission is found in Isaiah 61.

Doug's last prayer is that we discover God's calling, passion, and purpose (CPP) for our lives and commit to serving humanity with our talents, abilities, and gifts to change the world.

Writing your epic ending will clarify your purpose.

Fred “Doug” Hicks Jr is a global ambassador, businessman, entrepreneur, speaker, and author that loves helping people discover their calling, passion, and purpose (CPP) and live legendary lives. He is also a former US Marine, 2x combat veteran, and 3x former Fortune 500 defense contractor. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his accomplishments while serving his country and the private sector. He has been involved with and overseen projects totaling billions of dollars for over 25 years with exceptional success. In addition to helping people discover their CPP, he loves helping people everywhere discover their hidden entrepreneur. He believes FREE enterprise is the only opportunity that allows ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.

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