Season One

Our #1 goal is to teach 1M people to build, launch, and grow their own very personal FREEDOM success system.

Our Reach:
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101 Meet Doug
102 Epic Ending
103 100 Percent
104 Permission Granted
105 The Rules
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106 Only 5 Percent
107 Stranger Danger
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108 The 20% Rule
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109 I Need Your Help
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110 The Peanut Gallery
111 I Don't Have Enough Time
112 It's the Perfect Time
113 The Lone Ranger
114 The Mirror vs the Window
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115 Are You a SME?
116 Big Dream Little Problems
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117 F.O.C.U.S.
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118 Is Failure Final?
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119 Credibility
120 Don't Be a Copycat
121 Fast Money vs Slow Money
122 Magical Numbers
123 Can You Eat a Chicken in One Bite?
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124 Get Rich Quick Scheme
125 50 Year Proposition
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